Liquidity market in the Forex market

The foreign exchange market is unique in terms of trading volume. Large market liquidity, differences from foreign currency traders and wide market make this market one of the most popular markets. In addition, the long duration of the trading period, which lasts 24 hours a day and five days a week, and the variant of the factors that affect this currency make its character even more unique.

According to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the movement of its currency trading market can reach an average of $ 3.21 trillion per day. This large amount is estimated for spot operation, forward contract market, swap market and estimated for reporting margin. In April 2006, international financial services in London, also known as IFSL, reported that the total daily market movement for the currency reached $ 2.7 billion. This estimate was based on the final data of the Monetary Committee in London, New York and Singapore.

Therefore, this type of market has become the most popular market. For those who are fit and have the opportunity, this market has offered great success in the future. However, for those who only pursue their emotional feelings and have no trading knowledge, this market will easily change your financial future. The risk of success and failure in this market is really close and it is easy to trap you. Always be careful when trading.