A crowdfunding guide: an introduction to effective crowdfunding

This article, a crowdfunding guide, will help you clarify what this new term means and provide you with some basic knowledge about its uses and applications. I’ve removed all the “mumbo-jumbo” and kept it forward so you don’t have to be a science rocket to understand it.

Crowdfunding is basically the starting point with the idea of ​​contributing capital. This can be the money you need for a special project, a new business, a charity, a medical operation, or even a vacation you want to take. You can set up a crowdfunding page for just about anything you need to raise money.

Some companies (and individuals) have been saved from financial ruin by using this simple method.

And, like The Lone Ranger that would come in and save the day, it also helps this method save many from the hands of financial extinction.

Traditional loans

As the normal rate of traditional lending became increasingly difficult to obtain, in part due to the bursting of the dot bubble as it did a few years ago, this fundraising method saved many new emerging companies that they hit the wall.

3 major functions of crowdfunding

There are three excellent reasons to consider this fundraising method for your project:

1. Businesses and individuals do not have to pay the funds they receive because they do not receive loans, but receive donations.

2. Real financing is distributed among hundreds of individuals from small and medium investors, so that there is not a single entity that risks a large amount of funds.

3. Unlike the normal way of investing, you will not have to put part or even all of your business in collateral, so you will always have control of your business.


Crowdfunding provides a win-win situation for both fund seekers and small investors. The project owner will get their funds while investors will receive their profits depending on the scenario of the financing proposal.

Points to keep in mind

There are several ways to start a fundraising campaign, you can choose from one of the many sites available online that will allow you to set up a campaign, or you can find your own crowdfunding software and set up your own site.

You should be aware that most sites that offer this type of service need you to reach your main goal, as you will not receive funds. They also have different charges where a percentage of your donations will be taken away. Therefore, choose wisely.

The main advantage of using your own software to set up your own crowdfunding site is that sometimes with the right software you can set up your site in minutes. This type of software is not so common, but there are some sites that allow you to use the software to set up your own fundraising site, but also to set up customer sites just for the price of the software.

Your choice

So the main thing to consider now is whether to choose one of the many crowdfunding websites available or whether to go the least expensive way to get your own software and set up your own crowdfunding site. school.