Tips to be more creative with fundraising

1]Direct your appeal to the right person.

2]Tailor your call to potential.

3]Include a clear statement of the work and goals of the organization.

4]Clearly indicate how much money you need and include a budget.

5]Tell them what the money is for.

6]Decomposes a great appeal into realistic pieces for certain items.

7]Include the latest accounts.

8]Offer to go see them and follow up on the letter within a week.

9]State the advantages for them.

10]Be positive and optimistic about the Organization and your ideas.

Checklist to identify trusts / foundations

• Have they given before?

– Check computer and paper records.

• What are the objectives of the Trust / Foundation?

– Do we have the right to request it?

• What is the donation capacity of the Trust / Foundation?

– Look at their income and expenses: what are they able to give?

• What types of grants do they usually give?

– Capital projects, scholarships, funds for several years?

• What are your conditions for obtaining a grant and what are your exclusions?

– Do we have to raise some money before we approach it? Geographical limitations?

• When do the bosses meet?

– Monthly, quarterly, if necessary? How far in advance do they like the proposals?

• Do they have a formal application form or guidelines?

– Do they first require a summary of the project?

• Who are the trustees / liquidators / administrators?

– Do we know any?

• Do we have fiduciary contacts?

– Do any of our bosses know any of them? How can we use it?

• What kind of projects do they like to fund and what part of our work is most likely to get favor?

– Look at the previous story. If you are unsure, consult your administrator.

• How much should we ask for?

– Look at the previous story. If you are unsure, ask your administrator.

• Who is the best person to submit the application?

– Director, president, secretary, fundraiser

• Who should the application letter be addressed to?

– The chairman of the trustees, the secretary, the administrator

• Do you want to visit the administrator (s)?

– Do you ever visit applicants’ projects? Would you like to visit a project as an introduction to our work?

The above is part of a guide and reference to fundraising techniques, things to keep in mind and contacts for new, small and emerging groups / organizations in the charity / third sector looking to improve their commitment to potential funders of corporate and charitable trusts / Foundation Sectors. The above also provides examples of details, resource illustrations and contact points, saving hours / days of heavy work and research to discover on the web. An invaluable contextual material to inspire ideas and a positive way to address the whole issue of fundraising in this climate.

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